Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Health Series for Older Adults

 Join AETNA and the Avalon Public Library for this virtual health series for older adults. Please call the library to register for the program and receive the Zoom Meeting Code. 

September 15th @ 1:00 PM: Benefits Check Up

Did you know there are over 2,500 federal, state and private service programs that could help you save money? These programs can help you pay for everyday expenses such as health care, utilities, food, prescriptions and other basic needs.

Benefits Check-Up, sponsored by the National Council on Aging, is an on-line tool that can help you find programs that can save you money.  We’ll introduce you to the tool and show you how you can take advantage of it. If you are interested in saving money for your elderly parent, this workshop is for you, too.

September 22nd @ 1:00 PM: Medicare 101

Medicare 101 delivers the tools and resources to help you choose a Medicare plan that best fits your needs. At first glance, Medicare may seem complicated. Once you understand all its parts, you’ll have the tools to help meet your health goals. The course will discuss the different parts of Medicare including Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, Part D and Supplement plans, and much more information. This is a one-time, one hour course. If you’re turning 65- this is the class for you!

September 29th @ 1:00 PM: Healthy Cooking for Seniors

As you get older, do you find it more difficult to find healthy cooking options?  Need some ideas if you’re just cooking for yourself?  In this presentation, you’ll learn about the food requirements needed for a healthy diet and ways to help you achieve them.  You’ll get recipes and healthy snack options, tips on cooking for one and how you can incorporate exercise activities into your day.  This presentation will give you incentive to add healthy cooking into your daily life.

October 6th @ 1:00 PM: Mindfulness

This presentation will give you the skills to regain control of thinking clearly and concise. You will learn the benefits of mindfulness and how to be mindful in stressful situations. During this presentation you will learn from several examples on how to implement mindfulness in your daily life. The examples that will be presented include an approach using mind, body, and soul.

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